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Copyediting and Proofreading Services for Academics


‘[The work] greatly helped us to publish our manuscripts in top-ranked academic journals in our fields (Psychology, Audiology, and Neurotology). We have successfully published all of the manuscripts that have been proof-read.’ (Postdoctoral Researcher, Linköping University)

‘I would like to thank you for really great work! I think that your suggestions significantly improved quality of the article.  I hope (or better I am sure) that there will some other opportunities for cooperation.’ (Psychology of Arts student, University of Belgrade)

‘Astute appraisal of texts and scrupulous attention to detail’ (Editor in Chief, Exeter)


‘Thank you for the editing of the manuscript, and again, for the useful comments. We will request your services very soon again. It was our pleasure to use your help.’ (Professor in Psychology, University of Novi Sad)

‘You did a fine work with my text. Thank you.’ (Otologist, Belgium)

‘Thank you very much for everything! I hope we will have the opportunity to work together again in the future.’ (Assistant Professor in Psychology, University of Novi Sad)

‘Thank you for [your work], your feedback has been helpful. Hope to work with you again.’ (BSc Psychology student, Nottingham University)

‘Thank you for the edited manuscript. Without any exaggeration we agree that what you have done is an exceptionally performed work. We will accept all your comments. Thank you once again.’ (Doctor of Psychology, University of Novi Sad)

‘Thank you so much for your wonderful service and encouragement.’ (Faculty of Arts and Sciences Assistant, Linköping University)

‘I am extremely happy the with the proofreading and editing :) Thank you very much!’ (Doctor of Psychology, University of Novi Sad)

‘Thank so much once again for your wonderful service, and for your support and assistance’. (PhD student, Linköping University)

‘The quality of our research paper improved significantly for the process of preparation for submission to the top-ranked academic journals in the field of Psychology. The work was done very thoroughly and quickly, improving the language, style and content of the paper. I am sure that we will continue our cooperation.’ (Assistant Professor, University of Belgrade)

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